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Marine Worms - Natural Diet For All Marine Animals

• maturation diet
• nutritional profile
• fish meal

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Farming & supplying live or preserved marine worms

• unique fishing sea bait - marine worms from Lake Macquarie
• specially preserved tube-worms
• highly nutritious shrimp and fish diet
• investment opportunity - worm breeding farm development 

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Welcome to Aquabait Pty Ltd.

Breeder and grower of premium quality marine worms for use in aquaculture feeds, sea angling and scientific research.


For the last fifteen years, Aquabait has been farming marine worms (Diopatra aciculata, polychaetes, tube worms) and selling them to recreational fishermen and shrimp maturation facilities. Polychaetes have high levels of essential fatty acids, particularly the polyunsaturated fatty acids that are believed to be an important dietary requirement for penaeid shrimp reproduction and development. These fatty acids cannot be synthesized by shrimp; they must be included in their diets.

AquaBait worms have been reported to have high levels of bromophenols (1.16mg/gm – Whitfield et al 1999). In addition, due to beneficial HUFAs and PUFAs marine worms form interesting appetizer in larval weaning and broodstock propagation diets.